Shillong Night Teer Previous Result: Decoding the Mysteries of Shillong Night Teer Result

Welcome to our in-depth exploration of Shillong Night Teer previous results! If you’re captivated by the excitement of this popular archery-based lottery game, you’re in the right place. In this comprehensive blog post, we will delve into the significance of studying Shillong Night Teer’s previous results and how it can empower you with valuable insights for making informed predictions. Join us as we unravel the secrets hidden within the numbers and embark on a journey to enhance your chances of success.

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Shillong Night Teer Previous Result

Understanding Shillong Night Teer Previous Result

Shillong Night Teer is a highly anticipated lottery game that combines archery and luck. Participants place bets on the number of arrows that will hit the target during two rounds. The results are based on the total number of arrows that strike the target. By analyzing Shillong Night Teer’s previous results, enthusiasts can gain a deeper understanding of the game’s patterns, trends, and probabilities, ultimately increasing their chances of predicting the outcomes accurately.

Shillong Night Teer Previous Result

Shillong Night17/07/20234534
Shillong Night16/07/20234019
Shillong Night15/07/20232924
Shillong Night14/07/20237350
Shillong Night13/07/20234180
Shillong Night12/07/20233369
Shillong Night11/07/20232995
Shillong Night10/07/20234250
Shillong Night09/07/20234122
Shillong Night08/07/20235651
Shillong Night07/07/20235492
Shillong Night06/07/20234442
Shillong Night05/07/20232971
Shillong Night04/07/20232267
Shillong Night03/07/20238670
Shillong Night02/07/20232590
Shillong Night01/07/20238976
Shillong Night30/06/20238938
Shillong Night29/06/20231472
Shillong Night28/06/20231842
Shillong Night27/06/20236934
Shillong Night26/06/20238661
Shillong Night25/06/20239284
Shillong Night24/06/20238530
Shillong Night23/06/20239272
Shillong Night22/06/20239190
Shillong Night21/06/20235438
Shillong Night20/06/20234610
Shillong Night19/06/20232757
Shillong Night18/06/20235414
Shillong Night17/06/20238514
Shillong Night16/06/20232432
Shillong Night15/06/20239888
Shillong Night14/06/20230022
Shillong Night13/06/20233870
Shillong Night12/06/20230249
Shillong Night11/06/20234687
Shillong Night10/06/20237446
Shillong Night09/06/20234973
Shillong Night08/06/20233379
Shillong Night07/06/20234048
Shillong Night06/06/20235278
Shillong Night05/06/20230846
Shillong Night04/06/20237942
Shillong Night03/06/20235582
Shillong Night02/06/20231808
Shillong Night01/06/20234487
Shillong Night31/05/20238506
Shillong Night30/05/20232551
Shillong Night29/05/20232867
Shillong Night28/05/20236923
Shillong Night27/05/20236248
Shillong Night26/05/20230465
Shillong Night25/05/20239804
Shillong Night24/05/20230349
Shillong Night23/05/20231651
Shillong Night22/05/20234234
Shillong Night21/05/20233565
Shillong Night20/05/20231131
Shillong Night19/05/20234143
Shillong Night18/05/20238617
Shillong Night17/05/20236889
Shillong Night16/05/20230860
Shillong Night15/05/20238655
Shillong Night14/05/20230260
Shillong Night13/05/20236079
Shillong Night12/05/20234809
Shillong Night11/05/20236531
Shillong Night10/05/20232671
Shillong Night09/05/20239839
Shillong Night08/05/20239039
Shillong Night07/05/20231430
Shillong Night06/05/20231097
Shillong Night05/05/20232503
Shillong Night04/05/20239539
Shillong Night03/05/20231638
Shillong Night02/05/20234039
Shillong Night01/05/20234712
Shillong Night30/04/20237847
Shillong Night29/04/20230492
Shillong Night28/04/20233402
Shillong Night27/04/20230203
Shillong Night26/04/20238326
Shillong Night25/04/20233126
Shillong Night24/04/20232868
Shillong Night23/04/20231785
Shillong Night22/04/20232008
Shillong Night21/04/20234970
Shillong Night20/04/20231447
Shillong Night19/04/20237882
Shillong Night18/04/20231413
Shillong Night17/04/20236120
Shillong Night16/04/20237452
Shillong Night15/04/20232050
Shillong Night14/04/20237221
Shillong Night13/04/20236471
Shillong Night12/04/20234437
Shillong Night11/04/20236416
Shillong Night10/04/20238177
Shillong Night09/04/20238568
Shillong Night08/04/20232931
Shillong Night07/04/20236943
Shillong Night06/04/20230701
Shillong Night05/04/20233184
Shillong Night04/04/20238322
Shillong Night03/04/20234162
Shillong Night02/04/20236539
Shillong Night01/04/20234130
Shillong Night31/03/20236229
Shillong Night30/03/20236597
Shillong Night29/03/20236314
Shillong Night28/03/20231943
Shillong Night27/03/20233177
Shillong Night26/03/20233561
Shillong Night25/03/20234606
Shillong Night24/03/20232237
Shillong Night23/03/20239044
Shillong Night22/03/20237155
Shillong Night21/03/20233555
Shillong Night20/03/20234931
Shillong Night19/03/20237478
Shillong Night18/03/20238471
Shillong Night17/03/20234741
Shillong Night16/03/20230808
Shillong Night15/03/20233079
Shillong Night14/03/20239937
Shillong Night13/03/20231635
Shillong Night12/03/20239907
Shillong Night11/03/20230610
Shillong Night10/03/20236485
Shillong Night09/03/20238721
Shillong Night08/03/20231537
Shillong Night07/03/20238829
Shillong Night06/03/20234486
Shillong Night05/03/20238299
Shillong Night04/03/20233440
Shillong Night03/03/20233641
Shillong Night02/03/20236110
Shillong Night01/03/20238086
Shillong Night28/02/20238870
Shillong Night27/02/20234415
Shillong Night26/02/20231323
Shillong Night25/02/20231423
Shillong Night24/02/20239351
Shillong Night23/02/20238444
Shillong Night22/02/20239136
Shillong Night21/02/20233780
Shillong Night20/02/20237340
Shillong Night19/02/20238894
Shillong Night18/02/20233437
Shillong Night17/02/20237788
Shillong Night16/02/20236790
Shillong Night15/02/20239980
Shillong Night14/02/20237197
Shillong Night13/02/20239155
Shillong Night12/02/20233050
Shillong Night11/02/20236262
Shillong Night10/02/20234439
Shillong Night09/02/20237077
Shillong Night08/02/20233048
Shillong Night07/02/20237873
Shillong Night06/02/20237426
Shillong Night05/02/20235188
Shillong Night04/02/20232297
Shillong Night03/02/20232616
Shillong Night02/02/20237738
Shillong Night01/02/20232443
Shillong Night31/01/20231143
Shillong Night30/01/20232648
Shillong Night29/01/20234943
Shillong Night28/01/20237115
Shillong Night27/01/20232041
Shillong Night26/01/20239171
Shillong Night25/01/20239517
Shillong Night24/01/20234116
Shillong Night23/01/20234594
Shillong Night22/01/20235453
Shillong Night21/01/20238061
Shillong Night20/01/20236159
Shillong Night19/01/20233237
Shillong Night18/01/20239060
Shillong Night17/01/20232603
Shillong Night16/01/20233141
Shillong Night15/01/20230334
Shillong Night14/01/20233160
Shillong Night13/01/20230462
Shillong Night12/01/20237985
Shillong Night11/01/20233537
Shillong Night10/01/20233108
Shillong Night09/01/20239880
Shillong Night08/01/20232293
Shillong Night07/01/20233767
Shillong Night06/01/20231569
Shillong Night05/01/20235719
Shillong Night04/01/20231804
Shillong Night03/01/20230804
Shillong Night02/01/20237360
Shillong Night01/01/20238268
Shillong Night31/12/20225646
Shillong Night30/12/20220428
Shillong Night29/12/20228893
Shillong Night28/12/20220623
Shillong Night27/12/20228460
Shillong Night26/12/20228462
Shillong Night25/12/20222823
Shillong Night24/12/20224507
Shillong Night23/12/20226151
Shillong Night22/12/20223491
Shillong Night21/12/20221490
Shillong Night20/12/20223553
Shillong Night19/12/20222920
Shillong Night18/12/20222932
Shillong Night17/12/20224980
Shillong Night16/12/20228281
Shillong Night15/12/20228807
Shillong Night14/12/20229903
Shillong Night13/12/20226531
Shillong Night12/12/20221865
Shillong Night11/12/20225381
Shillong Night10/12/20226281
Shillong Night09/12/20226953
Shillong Night08/12/20221883
Shillong Night07/12/20225958
Shillong Night06/12/20229691
Shillong Night05/12/20220433
Shillong Night04/12/20229036
Shillong Night03/12/20225702
Shillong Night02/12/20229665
Shillong Night01/12/20222253
Shillong Night30/11/20225957
Shillong Night29/11/20228478
Shillong Night28/11/20220456
Shillong Night27/11/20225064
Shillong Night26/11/20227053
Shillong Night25/11/20227308
Shillong Night24/11/20226992
Shillong Night23/11/20225050
Shillong Night22/11/20225231
Shillong Night21/11/20227992
Shillong Night20/11/20225916
Shillong Night19/11/20221797
Shillong Night18/11/20220620
Shillong Night17/11/20221357
Shillong Night16/11/20220403
Shillong Night15/11/20228914
Shillong Night14/11/20227161
Shillong Night13/11/20225077
Shillong Night12/11/20228387
Shillong Night11/11/20228074
Shillong Night10/11/20220650
Shillong Night09/11/20226544
Shillong Night08/11/20223229
Shillong Night07/11/20224656
Shillong Night06/11/20224199
Shillong Night05/11/20222651
Shillong Night04/11/20224491
Shillong Night03/11/20222160
Shillong Night02/11/20225412
Shillong Night01/11/20227630
Shillong Night31/10/20222064
Shillong Night30/10/20224674
Shillong Night29/10/20223632
Shillong Night28/10/20224389
Shillong Night27/10/20227939
Shillong Night26/10/20221889
Shillong Night25/10/20226690
Shillong Night24/10/20223677
Shillong Night23/10/20222244
Shillong Night22/10/20224119
Shillong Night21/10/20228823
Shillong Night20/10/20221978
Shillong Night19/10/20225129
Shillong Night18/10/20221264
Shillong Night17/10/20225441
Shillong Night16/10/20220299
Shillong Night15/10/20222117
Shillong Night14/10/20228384
Shillong Night13/10/20222566
Shillong Night12/10/20222521
Shillong Night11/10/20229097
Shillong Night10/10/20225890
Shillong Night09/10/20227018
Shillong Night08/10/20222029
Shillong Night07/10/20227609
Shillong Night06/10/20225036
Shillong Night05/10/20223322
Shillong Night04/10/20227642
Shillong Night03/10/20227178
Shillong Night02/10/20225138
Shillong Night01/10/20225869
Shillong Night30/09/20225237
Shillong Night29/09/20223079
Shillong Night28/09/20229959
Shillong Night27/09/20225833
Shillong Night26/09/20229497
Shillong Night25/09/20225932
Shillong Night24/09/20228212
Shillong Night23/09/20229582
Shillong Night22/09/20225463
Shillong Night21/09/20228277
Shillong Night20/09/20228230
Shillong Night19/09/20226271
Shillong Night18/09/20228702
Shillong Night17/09/20225967
Shillong Night16/09/20221381
Shillong Night15/09/20226050
Shillong Night14/09/20222152
Shillong Night13/09/20220683
Shillong Night12/09/20225470
Shillong Night11/09/20228585
Shillong Night10/09/20223717
Shillong Night09/09/20223985
Shillong Night08/09/20226931
Shillong Night07/09/20229413
Shillong Night06/09/20222921
Shillong Night05/09/20227858
Shillong Night04/09/20221759
Shillong Night03/09/20229129
Shillong Night02/09/20220592
Shillong Night01/09/20221274
Shillong Night31/08/20220404
Shillong Night30/08/20229567
Shillong Night29/08/20221740
Shillong Night28/08/20228513
Shillong Night27/08/20227430
Shillong Night26/08/20228498
Shillong Night25/08/20226190
Shillong Night24/08/20229018
Shillong Night23/08/20222017
Shillong Night22/08/20226942
Shillong Night21/08/20222060
Shillong Night20/08/20226091
Shillong Night19/08/20222826
Shillong Night18/08/20222138
Shillong Night17/08/20223920
Shillong Night16/08/20220401
Shillong Night15/08/20222637
Shillong Night14/08/20225318
Shillong Night13/08/20225450
Shillong Night12/08/20222720
Shillong Night11/08/20229840
Shillong Night10/08/20223359
Shillong Night09/08/20223112
Shillong Night08/08/20224416
Shillong Night07/08/20226659
Shillong Night06/08/20220128
Shillong Night05/08/20221685
Shillong Night04/08/20229393
Shillong Night03/08/20220826
Shillong Night02/08/20221861
Shillong Night01/08/20224359
Shillong Night31/07/20225903
Shillong Night30/07/20229939
Shillong Night29/07/20225150
Shillong Night28/07/20227797
Shillong Night27/07/20224477
Shillong Night26/07/20226017
Shillong Night25/07/20228985
Shillong Night24/07/20222165
Shillong Night23/07/20224292
Shillong Night22/07/20225020
Shillong Night21/07/20224293
Shillong Night20/07/20220186
Shillong Night19/07/20228541
Shillong Night18/07/20224207
Shillong Night17/07/20228298
Shillong Night16/07/20227972
Shillong Night15/07/20227983
Shillong Night14/07/20222826
Shillong Night13/07/20226348
Shillong Night12/07/20222926
Shillong Night11/07/20224059
Shillong Night10/07/20227843
Shillong Night09/07/20227528
Shillong Night08/07/20220659
Shillong Night07/07/20226622
Shillong Night06/07/20229222
Shillong Night05/07/20228750
Shillong Night04/07/20223092
Shillong Night03/07/20222953
Shillong Night02/07/20228916
Shillong Night01/07/20229674
Shillong Night30/06/20222689
Shillong Night29/06/20227502
Shillong Night28/06/20227462
Shillong Night27/06/20223035
Shillong Night26/06/20223865
Shillong Night25/06/20226875
Shillong Night24/06/20220528
Shillong Night23/06/20222720
Shillong Night22/06/20223645
Shillong Night21/06/20222235
Shillong Night20/06/20225919
Shillong Night19/06/20224243
Shillong Night18/06/20226605
Shillong Night17/06/20227430
Shillong Night16/06/20224953
Shillong Night15/06/20228011
Shillong Night14/06/20225040
Shillong Night13/06/20228082
Shillong Night12/06/20226903
Shillong Night11/06/20220687
Shillong Night10/06/20224586
Shillong Night09/06/20229529
Shillong Night08/06/20223015
Shillong Night07/06/20228072
Shillong Night07/06/20228072
Shillong Night06/06/20224871
Shillong Night05/06/20227130
Shillong Night04/06/20221348
Shillong Night03/06/20223087
Shillong Night02/06/20227801
Shillong Night01/06/20226345
Shillong Night31/05/20226971
Shillong Night30/05/20226855
Shillong Night29/05/20228612
Shillong Night28/05/20224181
Shillong Night27/05/20229836
Shillong Night26/05/20223523
Shillong Night25/05/20229104
Shillong Night24/05/20221419
Shillong Night23/05/20227578
Shillong Night22/05/20220623
Shillong Night21/05/20228850
Shillong Night20/05/20221158
Shillong Night19/05/20223054
Shillong Night18/05/20220719
Shillong Night17/05/20221447
Shillong Night16/05/20227496
Shillong Night15/05/20229892
Shillong Night14/05/20220863
Shillong Night13/05/20228090
Shillong Night12/05/20222661
Shillong Night11/05/20228932
Shillong Night10/05/20224425
Shillong Night09/05/20226204
Shillong Night08/05/20227402
Shillong Night07/05/20224444
Shillong Night06/05/20227511
Shillong Night05/05/20224735
Shillong Night04/05/20226168
Shillong Night03/05/20227750
Shillong Night02/05/20229739
Shillong Night01/05/20224391
Shillong Night30/04/20220302
Shillong Night29/04/20225345
Shillong Night28/04/20228205
Shillong Night27/04/20226883
Shillong Night26/04/20221916
Shillong Night25/04/20229917
Shillong Night24/04/20228481
Shillong Night23/04/20220611
Shillong Night22/04/20224268
Shillong Night21/04/20224308
Shillong Night20/04/20221139
Shillong Night19/04/20223730
Shillong Night18/04/20223758
Shillong Night17/04/20220740
Shillong Night16/04/20228310
Shillong Night15/04/20229199
Shillong Night14/04/20228943
Shillong Night13/04/20224671
Shillong Night12/04/20224607
Shillong Night11/04/20228348
Shillong Night10/04/20224651
Shillong Night09/04/20224247
Shillong Night08/04/20227192
Shillong Night07/04/20226233
Shillong Night06/04/20220306
Shillong Night05/04/20223229
Shillong Night04/04/20229911
Shillong Night03/04/20226506
Shillong Night02/04/20228863
Shillong Night01/04/20228829
Shillong Night31/03/20225594
Shillong Night30/03/20222726
Shillong Night29/03/20229328
Shillong Night28/03/20222769
Shillong Night27/03/20221214
Shillong Night26/03/20224958
Shillong Night25/03/20220844
Shillong Night24/03/20220146
Shillong Night23/03/20223586
Shillong Night22/03/20229232
Shillong Night21/03/20225182
Shillong Night20/03/20225983
Shillong Night19/03/20225715
Shillong Night18/03/20229902
Shillong Night17/03/20229319
Shillong Night16/03/20220523
Shillong Night15/03/20220205
Shillong Night14/03/20229566
Shillong Night13/03/20228385
Shillong Night12/03/20229037
Shillong Night11/03/20229368
Shillong Night10/03/20224199
Shillong Night09/03/20229727
Shillong Night08/03/20225097
Shillong Night07/03/20222910
Shillong Night06/03/20227004
Shillong Night05/03/20227433
Shillong Night04/03/20229169
Shillong Night03/03/20229133
Shillong Night02/03/20223188
Shillong Night01/03/20224643
Shillong Night28/02/20225133
Shillong Night27/02/20222419
Shillong Night26/02/20222432
Shillong Night25/02/20223184
Shillong Night24/02/20228277
Shillong Night23/02/20228070
Shillong Night22/02/20228326
Shillong Night21/02/20222429
Shillong Night20/02/20226263
Shillong Night19/02/20224103
Shillong Night18/02/20226546
Shillong Night17/02/20227531
Shillong Night16/02/20229470
Shillong Night15/02/20222467
Shillong Night14/02/20222090
Shillong Night13/02/20221669
Shillong Night12/02/20226245
Shillong Night11/02/20225865
Shillong Night10/02/20222618
Shillong Night09/02/20220264
Shillong Night08/02/20227776
Shillong Night07/02/20221905
Shillong Night06/02/20223340
Shillong Night05/02/20225347
Shillong Night04/02/20228252
Shillong Night03/02/20220152
Shillong Night02/02/20228589
Shillong Night01/02/20226637
Shillong Night31/01/20220279
Shillong Night30/01/20220482
Shillong Night29/01/20223706
Shillong Night28/01/20220402
Shillong Night27/01/20223358
Shillong Night26/01/20226861
Shillong Night25/01/20228430
Shillong Night24/01/20220788
Shillong Night23/01/20223311
Shillong Night22/01/20221549
Shillong Night21/01/20223932
Shillong Night20/01/20225573
Shillong Night19/01/20227173
Shillong Night18/01/20222472
Shillong Night17/01/20222980
Shillong Night16/01/20222850
Shillong Night15/01/20226576
Shillong Night14/01/20226951
Shillong Night13/01/20229547
Shillong Night12/01/20222996
Shillong Night11/01/20220415
Shillong Night10/01/20222037
Shillong Night09/01/20226332
Shillong Night08/01/20228383
Shillong Night07/01/20228401
Shillong Night06/01/20220246
Shillong Night05/01/20228764
Shillong Night04/01/20220362
Shillong Night03/01/20228490
Shillong Night02/01/20226479
Shillong Night01/01/20226189
Shillong Night31/12/20211928
Shillong Night30/12/20216873
Shillong Night29/12/20212764
Shillong Night28/12/20213103
Shillong Night27/12/20216906
Shillong Night26/12/20210467
Shillong Night25/12/20211261
Shillong Night24/12/20214414
Shillong Night23/12/20216194
Shillong Night22/12/20210161
Shillong Night21/12/20218428
Shillong Night20/12/20211890
Shillong Night19/12/20217540
Shillong Night18/12/20213030
Shillong Night17/12/20214722
Shillong Night16/12/20214145
Shillong Night15/12/20218197
Shillong Night14/12/20219397
Shillong Night13/12/20219234
Shillong Night12/12/20210114
Shillong Night11/12/20211841
Shillong Night10/12/20214827
Shillong Night09/12/20218341
Shillong Night08/12/20212745
Shillong Night07/12/20212006
Shillong Night06/12/20216826
Shillong Night05/12/20214801
Shillong Night04/12/20210676
Shillong Night03/12/20214738
Shillong Night02/12/20216699
Shillong Night01/12/20214727
Shillong Night30/11/20217842
Shillong Night29/11/20218762
Shillong Night28/11/20212446
Shillong Night27/11/20210575
Shillong Night26/11/20210740
Shillong Night25/11/20217863
Shillong Night24/11/20211213
Shillong Night23/11/20218074
Shillong Night22/11/20217226
Shillong Night21/11/20218910
Shillong Night20/11/20211958
Shillong Night19/11/20218484
Shillong Night18/11/20211206
Shillong Night17/11/20211430
Shillong Night16/11/20214025
Shillong Night15/11/20215442
Shillong Night14/11/20219240
Shillong Night13/11/20210731
Shillong Night12/11/20217207
Shillong Night11/11/20215041
Shillong Night10/11/20210170
Shillong Night09/11/20216235
Shillong Night08/11/20210692
Shillong Night07/11/20219806
Shillong Night06/11/20212927
Shillong Night05/11/20216167
Shillong Night04/11/20214883
Shillong Night03/11/20210739
Shillong Night02/11/20210906
Shillong Night01/11/20213272
Shillong Night31/10/20213714
Shillong Night30/10/20216141
Shillong Night29/10/20212205
Shillong Night28/10/20213598
Shillong Night27/10/20219951
Shillong Night26/10/20215153
Shillong Night25/10/20216391
Shillong Night24/10/20214354
Shillong Night23/10/20213999
Shillong Night22/10/20216711
Shillong Night21/10/20217341
Shillong Night20/10/20212433
Shillong Night19/10/20216867
Shillong Night18/10/20213220
Shillong Night17/10/20219942
Shillong Night16/10/20217040
Shillong Night15/10/20213287
Shillong Night14/10/20215454
Shillong Night13/10/20210276
Shillong Night12/10/20214026
Shillong Night11/10/20216362
Shillong Night10/10/20217575
Shillong Night09/10/20214035
Shillong Night08/10/20214248
Shillong Night07/10/20215119
Shillong Night06/10/20212719
Shillong Night05/10/20213509
Shillong Night04/10/20217043
Shillong Night03/10/20216148
Shillong Night02/10/20216209
Shillong Night01/10/20210902
Shillong Night30/09/20219837
Shillong Night29/09/20215191
Shillong Night28/09/20217618
Shillong Night27/09/20213601
Shillong Night26/09/20210461
Shillong Night25/09/20218062
Shillong Night24/09/20219032
Shillong Night23/09/20213135
Shillong Night22/09/20216649
Shillong Night21/09/20215553
Shillong Night20/09/20216689
Shillong Night19/09/20211287
Shillong Night18/09/20219438
Shillong Night17/09/20217451
Shillong Night16/09/20218181
Shillong Night15/09/20219457
Shillong Night14/09/20218058
Shillong Night13/09/20212428
Shillong Night12/09/20218946
Shillong Night11/09/20211715
Shillong Night10/09/20219945
Shillong Night09/09/20215617
Shillong Night08/09/20218752
Shillong Night07/09/20215465
Shillong Night06/09/20219481
Shillong Night05/09/20213232
Shillong Night04/09/20212449
Shillong Night03/09/20211295
Shillong Night02/09/20213114
Shillong Night01/09/20215953
Shillong Night31/08/20214922
Shillong Night30/08/20219470
Shillong Night29/08/20219107
Shillong Night28/08/20215115
Shillong Night27/08/20216707
Shillong Night26/08/20212893
Shillong Night25/08/20216692
Shillong Night24/08/20213582
Shillong Night23/08/20211662
Shillong Night22/08/20216463
Shillong Night21/08/20211807
Shillong Night20/08/20211858
Shillong Night19/08/20210565
Shillong Night18/08/20211702
Shillong Night17/08/20211274
Shillong Night16/08/20214218
Shillong Night15/08/20211713
Shillong Night14/08/20211853
Shillong Night13/08/20214730
Shillong Night12/08/20213086
Shillong Night11/08/20215689
Shillong Night10/08/20211711
Shillong Night09/08/20217262
Shillong Night08/08/20210947
Shillong Night07/08/20213405
Shillong Night06/08/20212964
Shillong Night05/08/20214815
Shillong Night04/08/20214251
Shillong Night03/08/20214969
Shillong Night02/08/20212088
Shillong Night01/08/20212602
Shillong Night31/07/20217170
Shillong Night30/07/20210420
Shillong Night29/07/20214803
Shillong Night28/07/20217047
Shillong Night27/07/20217892
Shillong Night26/07/20211875
Shillong Night25/07/20217899
Shillong Night24/07/20214100
Shillong Night23/07/20217478
Shillong Night22/07/20216926
Shillong Night21/07/20212948
Shillong Night20/07/20214444
Shillong Night19/07/20218666
Shillong Night18/07/20213092
Shillong Night17/07/20214802
Shillong Night16/07/20214257
Shillong Night15/07/20215417
Shillong Night14/07/20212649
Shillong Night13/07/20212126
Shillong Night12/07/20219924
Shillong Night11/07/20215671
Shillong Night10/07/20213225
Shillong Night09/07/20218435
Shillong Night08/07/20210679
Shillong Night07/07/20218440
Shillong Night06/07/20215448
Shillong Night05/07/20217007
Shillong Night04/07/20215947
Shillong Night03/07/20212720
Shillong Night02/07/20215939
Shillong Night01/07/20212957
Shillong Night30/06/20217836
Shillong Night29/06/20215564
Shillong Night28/06/20219124
Shillong Night27/06/20214818
Shillong Night26/06/20210514
Shillong Night25/06/20214709
Shillong Night24/06/20213552
Shillong Night23/06/20213036
Shillong Night22/06/20210554
Shillong Night21/06/20219248
Shillong Night20/06/20218457
Shillong Night19/06/20218954
Shillong Night18/06/20217229
Shillong Night17/06/20210680
Shillong Night16/06/20211873
Shillong Night15/06/20217370
Shillong Night14/06/20219310
Shillong Night13/06/20219973
Shillong Night12/06/20212237
Shillong Night11/06/20215925
Shillong Night10/06/20213026
Shillong Night09/06/20212299
Shillong Night08/06/20210021
Shillong Night07/06/20216385
Shillong Night06/06/20217125
Shillong Night05/06/20210866
Shillong Night04/06/20218152
Shillong Night03/06/20216266
Shillong Night02/06/20212160
Shillong Night01/06/20212195
Shillong Night31/05/20211753
Shillong Night30/05/20215533
Shillong Night29/05/20219256
Shillong Night28/05/20216526
Shillong Night27/05/20217827
Shillong Night26/05/20217312
Shillong Night25/05/20211102
Shillong Night24/05/20211757
Shillong Night23/05/20210508
Shillong Night22/05/20214831
Shillong Night21/05/20210855
Shillong Night20/05/20217176
Shillong Night19/05/20213514
Shillong Night18/05/20213226
Shillong Night17/05/20213205
Shillong Night16/05/20210552
Shillong Night15/05/20213721
Shillong Night14/05/20216207
Shillong Night13/05/20212724
Shillong Night12/05/20210605
Shillong Night11/05/20217248
Shillong Night10/05/20216069
Shillong Night09/05/20210738
Shillong Night08/05/20210894
Shillong Night07/05/20216904
Shillong Night06/05/20213084
Shillong Night05/05/20216462
Shillong Night04/05/20216998
Shillong Night03/05/20216990
Shillong Night02/05/20217975
Shillong Night01/05/20218233
Shillong Night30/04/20218964
Shillong Night29/04/20211688
Shillong Night28/04/20217675
Shillong Night27/04/20218865
Shillong Night26/04/20216005
Shillong Night25/04/20213199
Shillong Night24/04/20216116
Shillong Night23/04/20211252
Shillong Night22/04/20219212
Shillong Night21/04/20219400
Shillong Night20/04/20217678
Shillong Night19/04/20217216
Shillong Night18/04/20218181
Shillong Night17/04/20211854
Shillong Night16/04/20213241
Shillong Night15/04/20215853
Shillong Night14/04/20217829
Shillong Night13/04/20217066
Shillong Night12/04/20218440
Shillong Night11/04/20215780
Shillong Night10/04/20212572
Shillong Night09/04/20212687
Shillong Night08/04/20211086
Shillong Night07/04/20211044
Shillong Night06/04/20218086
Shillong Night05/04/20213695
Shillong Night04/04/20215836
Shillong Night03/04/20210359
Shillong Night02/04/20215361
Shillong Night01/04/20219827
Shillong Night31/03/20215789
Shillong Night30/03/20215717
Shillong Night29/03/20210984
Shillong Night28/03/20217657
Shillong Night27/03/20215173
Shillong Night26/03/20219695
Shillong Night25/03/20210414
Shillong Night24/03/20215710
Shillong Night23/03/20217130
Shillong Night22/03/20217074
Shillong Night21/03/20211389
Shillong Night20/03/20213409
Shillong Night19/03/20219295
Shillong Night18/03/20210740
Shillong Night17/03/20213472
Shillong Night16/03/20210940
Shillong Night15/03/20213432
Shillong Night14/03/20218431
Shillong Night13/03/20210134
Shillong Night12/03/20211087
Shillong Night11/03/20218604
Shillong Night10/03/20218117
Shillong Night09/03/20219669
Shillong Night08/03/20217660
Shillong Night07/03/20213869
Shillong Night06/03/20212504
Shillong Night05/03/20210171
Shillong Night04/03/20217445
Shillong Night03/03/20217106
Shillong Night02/03/20213865
Shillong Night01/03/20216971
Shillong Night28/02/20219109
Shillong Night27/02/20210187
Shillong Night26/02/20213521
Shillong Night25/02/20214582
Shillong Night24/02/20213404
Shillong Night23/02/20213875
Shillong Night22/02/20213232
Shillong Night21/02/20216389
Shillong Night20/02/20216118
Shillong Night19/02/20218860
Shillong Night18/02/20214946
Shillong Night17/02/20210651
Shillong Night16/02/20218153
Shillong Night15/02/20215891
Shillong Night14/02/20217472
Shillong Night13/02/20216171
Shillong Night12/02/20215812
Shillong Night11/02/20212238
Shillong Night10/02/20214661
Shillong Night09/02/20212172
Shillong Night08/02/20213632
Shillong Night07/02/20213426
Shillong Night06/02/20210824
Shillong Night05/02/20217922
Shillong Night04/02/20212291
Shillong Night03/02/20211879
Shillong Night02/02/20210077
Shillong Night01/02/20214177
Shillong Night31/01/20214002
Shillong Night30/01/20219214
Shillong Night29/01/20213337
Shillong Night28/01/20217914
Shillong Night27/01/20213141
Shillong Night26/01/20211342
Shillong Night25/01/20216981
Shillong Night24/01/20216378
Shillong Night23/01/20213014
Shillong Night22/01/20217247
Shillong Night21/01/20218760
Shillong Night20/01/20211686
Shillong Night19/01/20214023
Shillong Night18/01/20217080
Shillong Night17/01/20213787
Shillong Night16/01/20212935
Shillong Night15/01/20212962
Shillong Night14/01/20211918
Shillong Night13/01/20216750
Shillong Night12/01/20217790
Shillong Night11/01/20211922
Shillong Night10/01/20219719
Shillong Night09/01/20212805
Shillong Night08/01/20210061
Shillong Night07/01/20212272
Shillong Night06/01/20213012
Shillong Night05/01/20219303
Shillong Night04/01/20211148
Shillong Night03/01/20217754
Shillong Night02/01/20215192
Shillong Night01/01/20217797
Shillong Night31/12/20209104
Shillong Night30/12/20203374
Shillong Night29/12/20206433
Shillong Night28/12/20205157
Shillong Night27/12/20204212
Shillong Night26/12/20209432
Shillong Night25/12/20209607
Shillong Night24/12/20200381
Shillong Night23/12/20203802
Shillong Night22/12/20203832
Shillong Night21/12/20200164
Shillong Night20/12/20207148
Shillong Night19/12/20204151
Shillong Night18/12/20207700
Shillong Night17/12/20201164
Shillong Night16/12/20204759
Shillong Night15/12/20203969
Shillong Night14/12/20204278
Shillong Night13/12/20204201
Shillong Night12/12/20207783
Shillong Night11/12/20204980
Shillong Night10/12/20208555
Shillong Night09/12/20208843
Shillong Night08/12/20204254
Shillong Night07/12/20204724
Shillong Night06/12/20208917
Shillong Night05/12/20200843
Shillong Night04/12/20200373
Shillong Night03/12/20207208
Shillong Night02/12/20204363
Shillong Night01/12/20200530
Shillong Night30/11/20209518
Shillong Night29/11/20200895
Shillong Night28/11/20205991
Shillong Night27/11/20206439
Shillong Night26/11/20203163
Shillong Night25/11/20203942
Shillong Night24/11/20200901
Shillong Night23/11/20206740
Shillong Night22/11/20208718
Shillong Night21/11/20208610
Shillong Night20/11/20204289
Shillong Night19/11/20205743
Shillong Night18/11/20209354
Shillong Night17/11/20207794
Shillong Night16/11/20203803
Shillong Night15/11/20201967
Shillong Night14/11/20207159
Shillong Night13/11/20207937
Shillong Night12/11/20201394
Shillong Night11/11/20205795
Shillong Night10/11/20206957
Shillong Night09/11/20202616
Shillong Night08/11/20204892
Shillong Night07/11/20204821
Shillong Night06/11/20209195
Shillong Night05/11/20203651
Shillong Night04/11/20201321
Shillong Night03/11/20201386
Shillong Night02/11/20207485
Shillong Night01/11/20201708

The Power of Shillong Night Teer Previous Results

Studying Shillong Night Teer’s previous results can be a game-changer in formulating effective strategies. Previous results serve as a treasure trove of historical data that holds valuable insights into number frequencies, patterns, and correlations. By analyzing this information, you can make more informed decisions when selecting numbers for your predictions. While Teer is inherently a game of chance, understanding previous results can significantly improve your understanding of the game’s dynamics.

Unveiling Patterns and Trends (Word count: 500) Patterns and trends lie at the heart of Shillong Night Teer’s previous results. By meticulously examining past data, you can uncover recurring sequences, number distributions, and significant statistical tendencies. Look for patterns such as consecutive numbers, alternating sequences, or the balance between high and low numbers. While these patterns don’t guarantee future outcomes, they provide valuable insights that can inform your number selection strategy.

Analyzing Round-wise Shillong Night Teer Results

Shillong Night Teer consists of two rounds, each with its own set of numbers. Analyzing round-wise results allows you to gain a deeper understanding of the dynamics within each round. Observe any peculiarities or trends specific to the first and second rounds and analyze how they might influence future predictions.

Factors Influencing Shillong Night Teer Results

While analyzing previous results is crucial, it’s equally important to consider external factors that influence Shillong Night Teer’s outcomes. Factors such as weather conditions, the proficiency of the archers, and the overall game environment can impact the accuracy of the arrows and subsequently affect the results. By taking these factors into account, you can gain a more comprehensive understanding of the game and make more accurate predictions.

Leveraging Data Analysis

Data analysis plays a pivotal role in unraveling the secrets of Shillong Night Teer’s previous results. By collecting, organizing, and analyzing historical data, you can identify correlations, generate charts or graphs, and develop statistical models to enhance your predictions. Leveraging the power of data analysis can provide you with a competitive edge and increase the probability of making successful predictions.

Balancing Data and Intuition

While data-driven analysis is crucial, intuition also plays a significant role in Shillong Night Teer. Trusting your instincts and gut feelings, alongside data analysis, allows for a more well-rounded approach to prediction-making. Find the right balance between analytical insights and intuitive guidance to refine your strategies and maximize your chances of success.

Engaging with Teer Communities

Engaging with Teer communities and discussion forums provides an opportunity to exchange ideas, insights, and predictions based on Shillong Night Teer previous results. Participating in these communities can expose you to diverse perspectives, strategies, and collective wisdom that can enhance your understanding and decision-making process.

Shillong Teer Result Chart:

The result chart is an invaluable resource for Teer players. It records the outcomes of previous games, showcasing the winning numbers for each round. By studying the result chart, players can identify patterns, trends, and frequencies associated with specific numbers. This analysis aids in making more informed predictions, offering insights into the game’s dynamics and helping players develop effective strategies.

Night Teer Hit Numbers:

Night Teer hit numbers refer to the winning numbers that have appeared in previous night Teer games. These numbers have a historical track record of success, making them significant for players who believe in patterns and tendencies. By observing the night Teer hit numbers, players can gain insights into the numbers that have performed well in the past. However, it’s important to remember that past results do not guarantee future outcomes, as Teer remains a game of chance.

Here are five strategies to help you to find the Shillong Night Teer hit number:

  • Analyze Previous Results: Studying the previous results is a crucial strategy to identify patterns, trends, and frequencies associated with the winning numbers. Look for recurring numbers or combinations that have appeared frequently in the past. This analysis can provide valuable insights for predicting the hit number in Shillong Night Teer.
  • Consider Common Numbers: Pay attention to the common numbers shared by Teer enthusiasts and prediction experts. These numbers are often based on a combination of analysis, historical data, and personal insights. While common numbers are not foolproof, they can serve as a starting point for your predictions and provide additional guidance.
  • Observe Weather Conditions: Weather conditions can impact the accuracy of the archers and subsequently influence the outcome of Shillong Night Teer. Take note of weather patterns and consider their potential effects on the hit number. For example, windy conditions might lead to a lower hit number, while calm weather could result in a higher hit number.
  • Monitor Teer Communities and Discussions: Engage with Teer communities, forums, and social media groups where enthusiasts share their predictions, insights, and strategies. Participating in these communities can expose you to diverse perspectives and information that might help you in finding the hit number. However, exercise caution and consider multiple sources before making your final prediction.
  • Trust Your Intuition: While analysis and data-driven strategies are valuable, don’t underestimate the power of intuition. Sometimes, your gut feeling can guide you towards the right prediction. Combine your intuition with the information you’ve gathered through analysis and research to make a well-rounded and informed decision.

Remember, Shillong Night Teer is a game of chance, and there is no foolproof method to predict the hit number with 100% certainty. These strategies are meant to assist you in making more informed predictions, but they do not guarantee success. Enjoy the excitement of the game, approach it responsibly, and remember that it’s all part of the thrill and mystery of Shillong Night Teer.

Shillong Teer Common Numbers:

Common numbers are another aspect of Shillong Teer that players often rely on. These numbers are frequently suggested or shared among Teer enthusiasts based on various factors, including analysis of previous results and personal insights. Common numbers provide a starting point for players to consider when selecting their predictions. However, it’s crucial to conduct personal analysis and exercise discretion while using common numbers, as their effectiveness may vary.

Here are five strategies to help you find Shillong Teer common numbers:

  • Analyze Previous Results: Study the patterns and trends from previous Shillong Teer results. Look for numbers or combinations that have appeared frequently over time. Identifying these recurring patterns can help you determine common numbers that have a higher likelihood of appearing in future games.
  • Engage with Teer Communities: Participate in Teer communities, online forums, and social media groups where enthusiasts discuss and share their insights. These platforms often provide discussions on common numbers suggested by experienced players. Engaging in these communities can expose you to different perspectives and increase your chances of discovering common numbers.
  • Use Statistical Analysis: Employ statistical techniques to analyze historical data and identify common numbers. You can calculate the frequency of each number’s appearance, the average occurrence, or even examine digit distribution. This data-driven approach can help you make more informed decisions when selecting common numbers.
  • Seek Expert Advice: Consult with Teer experts or individuals experienced in analyzing Teer results. These experts often provide predictions and suggestions on common numbers based on their knowledge and analysis of previous results. Consider their insights as valuable guidance in your search for common numbers.
  • Trust Personal Observations and Intuition: Pay attention to your own observations and intuition when analyzing Shillong Teer results. Sometimes, patterns or trends might not be apparent in the data, but you might have a gut feeling about certain numbers. Trusting your intuition, coupled with analysis, can lead you to discover unique and effective common numbers.

Shillong Night Teer Playing Timings

Playing timings are an important aspect of participating in Shillong Night Teer. Understanding the specific timings ensures that you don’t miss out on the excitement and have the opportunity to place your bets at the right moment. Here’s a breakdown of the playing timings for Shillong Night Teer:

  • Opening Time: The counter for Shillong Night Teer usually opens in the evening. The exact opening time may vary between different Teer counters, but it typically ranges from 6:00 PM to 6:30 PM local time. It’s advisable to check with the specific Teer counter you wish to visit for their exact opening time.
  • Ticket Sale: Once the counter opens, ticket sales for Shillong Night Teer commence. Participants have the opportunity to purchase tickets during this period. The ticket sale duration typically lasts for a specific time frame, which can range from 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the counter’s regulations.
  • Archery Rounds: Shillong Night Teer consists of two rounds, each with its own set of numbers. The archery rounds usually begin after the ticket sale period ends. The timing for the start of the archery rounds can vary, but it is typically between 7:00 PM to 7:30 PM local time.
  • Result Announcement: After both rounds of archery are completed, the results are announced. The announcement of Shillong Night Teer results can take place shortly after the completion of the archery rounds, usually within a few minutes. The exact timing of the result announcement may differ from one counter to another.

It’s important to note that these playing timings are provided as a general guideline and can vary based on the specific Teer counter and local regulations. Factors such as the number of participants, weather conditions, or unforeseen circumstances can also impact the timings. Therefore, it’s recommended to check with the Teer counter directly or consult local sources for the most accurate and up-to-date playing timings.

Remember to arrive at the counter well in advance to ensure you have sufficient time to purchase your tickets and participate in the exciting game of Shillong Night Teer.

10 Ppopular Places and Counters to play Shillong Night Teer:

  • Laitumkhrah Night Teer Counter – Located in Laitumkhrah, Shillong, this counter is known for its lively atmosphere and enthusiastic participants.
  • Laban Night Teer Counter – Situated in Laban, this counter attracts a large number of players who are eager to test their luck in Shillong Night Teer.
  • Jowai Night Teer Counter – Found in Jowai, this counter offers an opportunity for Teer enthusiasts in the region to participate in the evening excitement.
  • Polo Ground Night Teer Counter – Located in Polo Ground, Shillong, this counter is known for its long-standing tradition and popularity among Teer players.
  • Shillong Club Night Teer Counter – Situated in the heart of Shillong, the Shillong Club Night Teer Counter offers a prestigious and vibrant playing environment.
  • Lumshnong Night Teer Counter – Located in Lumshnong, this counter caters to Teer enthusiasts in the area who are eager to experience the thrill of the game.
  • Sohra (Cherrapunji) Night Teer Counter – Situated in Sohra, also known as Cherrapunji, this counter allows players from this picturesque town to participate in Shillong Night Teer.
  • Nongpoh Night Teer Counter – Found in Nongpoh, this counter serves as a popular spot for Teer players looking to engage in the excitement of Shillong Night Teer.
  • Lad Smit Night Teer Counter – Located in Lad Smit, this counter offers an opportunity for players from this region to participate in the game and test their luck.
  • Ri-Bhoi Night Teer Counter – Situated in the district of Ri-Bhoi, this counter attracts Teer enthusiasts from the area who are eager to try their hand at Shillong Night Teer.

Please note that availability and operation of Teer counters may vary, and it’s advisable to verify their existence and operating status before visiting.

10 Question answers based on Shillong Night Teer previous results:

Q: Which numbers have frequently appeared in Shillong Night Teer’s previous results?

A: Based on previous results, numbers such as 2, 7, 9, and 1 have appeared with higher frequency.

Q: Are there any recurring patterns in the sequence of numbers from previous results?

A: Yes, some patterns include consecutive numbers, alternating sequences, and occasional repetition of certain numbers.

Q: Have there been any consistent trends in the distribution of high and low numbers in previous results?

A: Previous results suggest that maintaining a balance between high and low numbers in predictions may improve the accuracy of Shillong Night Teer predictions.

Q: Is there any correlation between weather conditions and previous results?

A: Yes, weather conditions such as rain, wind, or fog can impact the accuracy of the archers, potentially influencing the outcome of Shillong Night Teer.

Q: How can analyzing previous results enhance predictions in Shillong Night Teer?

A: Analyzing previous results allows for insights into number frequencies, patterns, and correlations, helping participants make more informed predictions based on historical data.

Q: What role does individual Teer counter dynamics play in analyzing previous results?

A: Each Teer counter operates independently, and analyzing previous results specific to a particular counter can provide insights into its unique trends and tendencies.

Q: How can studying round-wise results impact predictions in Shillong Night Teer?

A: Analyzing round-wise results helps identify trends and patterns specific to each round, enabling participants to refine their strategies and make more accurate predictions

Q: Are there any specific strategies or insights shared by Teer communities based on previous results?

A: Yes, Teer communities often share strategies, predictions, and insights based on previous results, offering diverse perspectives for players to consider.

Q: Can previous results alone guarantee a win in Shillong Night Teer?

A: No, previous results cannot guarantee a win as Shillong Night Teer is primarily a game of chance. However, they can provide valuable information to guide predictions.

Q: How should players balance data analysis and intuition when considering previous results?

A: It’s important to strike a balance between data-driven analysis, such as studying previous results, and trusting your intuition. Combining both approaches can enhance decision-making in Shillong Night Teer.

Remember, while analyzing previous results can offer insights, Shillong Night Teer is ultimately a game of luck and unpredictability. Utilize these insights as guidance, but enjoy the game’s excitement and embrace the unknown.


Analyzing Shillong Night Teer previous results is a powerful strategy for enthusiasts seeking to enhance their chances of success. By deciphering patterns, trends, and historical data, you can make more informed predictions and navigate the game with increased confidence. However, it’s essential to remember that Teer remains a game of chance, and no strategy can guarantee a win. Embrace the excitement, analyze the numbers diligently, and let your newfound knowledge guide you as you embark on your Shillong Night Teer journey.

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